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Sun Hats for Every Adventure

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 UV protective gear lets you enjoy the sun safely — and with style 

Many of us already know about the dangers that come with UV rays. Yet, we can’t help but get out amongst them. We know to seek shade, wear sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. But we often forget about the protective miracle of a great sun hat. There also happens to be plenty of stylish options on the market.

Drs. Ben and Lize Wiese founded the Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic in 2018 largely to advocate for skin cancer prevention tactics. “We strongly believe that prevention is better than the cure,” says Dr. Ben. “That’s why we created our own line of UV protective apparel.” 

Two of the most common skin cancers (basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma) tend to show up on the head and neck. Sun hats are the best way to prevent UV rays from reaching those areas. In this article, we’ll discuss how not all hats are created equal and what to look for when shopping for a good sun hat.

Let’s get started.

Not all hats protect equally

When it comes to sun protection, any hat is better than no hat. But while regular sun hats are a good start, they only offer an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 5, and you’ll need to make sure your hat stays dry. UV protective sun hats go up to UPF 50, wet or dry. Think of it as sunscreen you never need to reapply.

With borders opening up and the demand for warm weather travel back in full swing, it’s a good time to start planning your packing list. That includes travel wardrobes, sun-smart gear, and the perfect beach hat. While you’re shopping, look out for these features.

woman wearing a turquoise UVwise beach shawl and a sun hat

What makes a great sun hat

  1. Wide brim. Sun-protective hats should have a wide brim of at least three inches. This way you’re sure that the areas surrounding your head receive excellent coverage. That includes your face, scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back, and the tops of the ears.
  2. Tight knit. Tightly woven hats (denim, canvas, wool, synthetic fibers) block out more UV rays than loosely constructed hats, such as straw hats. Note that UVwise offers a variety of tightly woven straw hats so you don’t have to give up your favourite look in the name of sun protection. 
  3. UV protective. Picking a summer hat based on its UV protective rating will make your shopping easier. Look for a UPF protection of 30 or above. UPF 50+ qualifies as excellent, which also happens to be the UVwise rating.
  4. Dark colours. Avoid lighter tones when shopping for a sun hat. These let in more UV rays than darkly-coloured fabrics. If you’re ever unsure, shine a flashlight through the hat’s material to make sure all areas are shaded. If you can see through the fabric, UV radiation can reach your skin.
  5. Flexible fabric. Malleable fabric allows you to move your hat in the direction of the sun. It's also more comfortable and convenient for packing in a suitcase. 

UVwise offers multiple stylish UV protective sun hats that meet all of these criteria. Have a look at our selection to find your new go-to accessory, for every adventure. The collection includes:

  • Bucket hats
  • Baby splash hats
  • Cycling masks
  • Skully caps
  • Visors
  • Surf hats
  • Golf hats
  • Comber hats
  • Cowboy hats
  • Chlorine-resistant hats
  • Wide brim hats
  • Beach hats

Find a safer sun routine  

Sunshine and spending time outdoors is the reason many of us look forward to summer every year. It’s just important to remember that it does come with certain risk factors. Wearing sun-safe clothing, including sun protective hats, lets you enjoy your outdoor activities without compromising the health of your skin.

Here are a few of our most popular sun hats to help get you started.

kids sport legionnaire style hat in blue pattern by UVwiseUVwise straw cowboy hat by Coolibar, worn by a man in a blue denim shirtUVwise mens convertible boating hat by CoolibarUVwise womens straw sun hat by Coolibar, worn by a model with blong hair and a white sun protection shirt


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