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For your patients who enjoy spending time outdoors, UV protective clothing provides an excellent chance of preventing skin cancer. Discover our line of accessible, affordable protection against the sun.

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UPF 50 when wet or dry

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UPF 5–7 when dry
UPF 3 when wet

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UvWise has been instrumental in helping our patients find speciality clothing for their skin cancer needs.

The medical professional program is a great one stop shop to show our patients “we practice what we preaches” when we talk about skin cancer prevention. Thank you UvWise for your great program and support!

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UPF offers superior protection

The ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) is used to determine the efficiency of sun protective clothing. With UVwise, your patients are getting the highest grade of UV repellent clothing available, with a rating of UPF 50.

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“With the proper information, your patients can protect themselves from the risks associated with UV rays.”

In addition to complementary educational materials for your patients, UVwise is happy to offer all physicians 50% off their clothing orders.

Our starter pack includes 50 brochures, 2 posters, and 3 coupon books (50 coupons per book).
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