UPF clothing is clothing specifically designed for sun protection and is produced from a fabric rated for its level of ultraviolet (UV) protection. The fabric used has certain features such as tighter weaves and the addition of certain mineral ingredients to help form a barrier against the sun’s rays.

UPF 50+ clothing blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays from reaching your skin. By blocking these harmful UV rays, you are protecting your skin from all the damage it can cause including decreasing your risk of developing skin cancer.

UPF ratings indicate the minimum UPF for the typical life of the garment. UPF 50+ is known to provide the maximum level of protection.

UPF clothing is the absolute best way to protect your skin and should be used as the main source for protection. Sunscreen only needs to be used on areas of skin that are not covered by UV protective clothing.

UPF clothing is very breathable and comfortable, similar to the feel of athletic clothing.

Absolutely we carry a large selection dedicated to swimming.

You can machine wash and tumble dry most of your UV protective clothing, individual products may vary please refer to product tags for complete care instructions.